Warm indoor slippers & booties for your cutest
little 0-36 months old

100% sheep wool of the best quality,
that’s a promise &
a guarantee!

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The best sheep wool?

Yes! Everything is natural, and no glue is needed. Especially relevant is that double-sided sheep leather and sheep wool allows your baby’s feet to breathe just as a second skin!

Flawless Design

An elastic band has proven to be the best option to keep these slippers on feisty feet, while feeling comfy & cosy.

Older babies have the tendency to kick off velcro straps, so as a result we have received lots of praise that our slippers simply stay on their feet!


No mistakes, no loose seems. Perfectly executed.
That’s another promise!

Why is our stitching located on the outside, unlike most leather slippers on the market?
Can you image the discomfort of rubbing your toes against a bulky leather folded-in seam all the time?
The outside seam provides lasting comfort for your child’s feet.

And guess where?
Proudly made in Canada! 

🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🇨🇦


Since they are so natural and breathable, they can suck up water from outdoor moisture. They are intended to be worn inside, where your little one can wiggle them in the air, crawl or walk in them. They have proven themselves in all stages of development.

Ideally warm in winter |
Inspired by Tibet

These slippers and booties will keep your baby’s feet perfectly warm because of the real sheep wool and sheep leather that as a result allows their feet to breathe naturally. They are inspired by the Tibetan culture (and these exact slippers were originally made at the foothills of Tibet!)

Natural Healing

We received stories of our customers saying the slippers healed feet with cracked skin!

How? Because this wool contains a natural oil called LANOLIN that helps to heal baby feet’s skin. Amazing, right?

We are already respected in Germany through amazon.de

see for yourself here: Plateau Tibet on amazon.de

and it’s true: Germans love quality

If you still don’t believe us, swipe through comments from our customers:

Slippers are splendid,
made with love,
my child really like them!!!!!


Great quality! Much better than expected!
Was a gift, but will order more for us


Plauteau Products make EXCELLENT quality baby booties! even on the coldest MN days when my daughter has worn them, her feet are always warm when I take them off.


These are the best boots! Our 2nd pair bcuz he outgrew the others! 5 stars!


Perfect for summer, lightweight and plenty of room for socks in the winter.

Cynthia B.

Two week delivery to the day!!! Awesome slippers! Great craftsmanship!

Moriah J.

Really nice, warm booties. My son loves them.


Thank you, we just LOVE the baby slippers!! Excellent quality, great price!!

Sarah N.

Always a pleasure to do business with. This is my 5th time buying. FABULOUS!


Cute and comfy shoes - they are true-to-size and fit my son's wide feet!

Marisa G.

Wonderful shoes! Everyone comments on them thank you so much!!

Melissa A.

So cute, my son actually leaves them on-I think he thinks they're cool!!-thanks!

Michelle C.

These are the cutest, softest little slipper shoes EVER!!!!! Thank you!

Diana C.

My daughter crawls and walks in them and cannot remove them easily, which is very convenient. An excellent product and great and friendly people to buy from!


slippers are the cutest, I wish they were my size thank you!

Cheryl W.

Fabulous, professional seller...wonderful, quality shoes...HIGHLY recommended!!!

Alyson B.

The cutest shoes I have EVER seen in my life!!!!!!!!! Will buy more!

Lisa Da C.

Wow! I've ordered these slippers before you will find yourself ordering more for your friends and family! So cute and custom made with care.


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